'if exist drop index' dose not exist in MYSQL.

So we using user variables.

tableName is table name.
indexName is index name.

columnName is column name.


set @exist := (select count(*) from information_schema.statistics where table_name = 'tableName' and index_name = 'indexName');
set @sqlstmt := if( @exist > 0, 

 'drop index indexName on tableName',

 'create unique index indexName on tableName ( columnName )'

PREPARE stmt FROM @sqlstmt;
set @sqlstmt := if( @sqlstmt = 'drop index indexName on tableName', 

 'create unique index catalogItemId on CatalogItemCatalogItemImageModelMeta ( catalogItemId )', 

 'select success'

PREPARE stmt FROM @sqlstmt;

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